Image Gal at the NYC Mad Men Premiere Screening Party!

Our Image Gal, Samantha von Sperling, attends a V.I.P. party for the season five premiere of Mad Men!

I love living in a city where we get all dressed up to watch television. It’s where a pure sense of fashion, production and theatricality meet.

The cocktail of the evening was in Manhattan of course, at the Paley Center for Media. The best part of the evening was the crowd. It was so nice to see 300 men and women dressed up in retro fashion to reflect the early sixties, and all having so much fun with it.  Grandmothers’ mink stoles came out of mothballs for the occasion, along with rhinestones, broaches, pearls and very lacquered updo’s. The little white gloves, pocket squares and fedoras made for a surprisingly glamorous and fun event.

I was accompanied by my trainer, Scott Bittermen of Emerge Athletics. Those of you who have been reading my chronicle, “Lose 20 Pounds in Six Weeks,” know that Scott is my trainer championing my quest to get back in to shape. I did not eat any of the snacks that would undo all my hard work for the day, and no Manhattan’s for me! Just water.

The screening itself was fun: the new season of Mad Men will have us all on the edge of our seats!

photo credit: courtesy Michael Priest Photography

The Last 20 Lbs Part 6


I’ve lost 9 pounds!

Last week, I was frustrated because I had plateaud at 8 pounds. Although I was feeling better, it’s always frustrating to be doing all the right things and not seeing an immediate result. But a few workouts with Scott, some jogging in-between, a hectic work schedule, some fruits & vegetables, and lots of work later… and the scale is moving again.

I told Scott of my frustration about hitting a plateau, and he told me not to worry, we just needed to change up the routine. He was right. The interval training, and working on exercises that I have not done in a long-long time, resulted in sore muscles I forgot I even had.

And bang.

I lost another pound.

I’m feeling great. Stronger, more energized, and looking better. There’s still a long way to go — eleven more pounds — but the best part is that I’m feeling happier and back in control. I’m feeling girly again. I went dress shopping last weekend and bought something fun. The kind of dress I never thought I’d wear again: short, stretchy, clingy, and very sexy. It’s not perfect on me yet, but just to know that this fab new dress is hanging in my closet has added a whole new layer of motivation.

If I’m feeling this good having lost 9 pounds, I can’t imagine how great it’s going to feel when I’m a newer yet older-and-wiser version of my original self.

Stay tuned to see what happens. Can I get to my goal weight before I start filming?

I’ll keep eating sensibly, sprinkling SENSA, and working out with Scott Bittermen from Emerge Athletics.

STYLE YOUR GUY: Grooming Tips for Men! razvan ionut

The DivaGals know that Old Spice will get your man smelling fresh … but why stop there? We asked our resident Image Gal Samantha von Sperling to share her topGrooming Tips for Men to get your man looking fine!

  • Get a nose hair/ear hair trimmer from your local drug store and don’t forget to use it!
  • It’s Spring: time for manscaping that excess hair away.
  • Don’t overgel! Crunchy hair is not cool. Invest in a decent haircut. Ask your stylist what products you need to maintain your ‘do and have him give you a lesson in proper application.
  • Deodorant, clean teeth and fresh breath are still standard issue!
  • Facials are for men, too! Nickel Spa For Men, located in New York City, offers a full range of at-home products to keep your skin looking smooth.
  • Neat, clean hands and feet are a must. Nothing should scratch your partner while in bed. So please, invest in a nail clipper.
  • Get your shoes shined regularly; it’s true that women look at men’s shoes. Make sure yours say you pay attention to detail.

photo credit: graur razvan ionut/

Belly Up To The Bar

13942_1134tOne of life’s simple pleasures is to belly up to the bar, tell the bartender what your thirsty for and drink in a little ambience, collect your thoughts, escape from the rain,

escape from home, a glass of courage, for all the reasons we go to bars and all the kinds of bars we go to, bars are a wonderful institution.

One of the best parts about being at a bar is that it’s one of the last places left where we get to have face to face conversations with people. A still thriving arena for human social interaction. The three martini lunch, a collective viewing of a big game, meeting point for a blind date, chance encounter, therapy session with the bartender, there are millions of excuses to go for a drink. Bars are an oasis of socialization.

It is because bars are vital to our social survival I thought it would be a good idea to lay out some of the the do’s and don’ts to keep the good cheer going.


-Be polite

-Tip your bartender well

-When out with friends, take turns buying rounds of drinks

-Give a busy bartender a down payment on the night’s tip so they will take good care of     you with the unspoken promise of a good tip later.

-put your cell phone on vibrate.

-Give a lady a seat

-Know your limit

-Have your money ready when ordering

-Set up a tab if you are going to be ordering more than one drink.

-Stay home if you’re a belligerent drunk

-The person intent on paying should do the ordering

-When in a group order all your drinks together


-Don’t be rude to the Bartender

-Don’t put your sunglasses on the bar

-Don’t order if you are not the one paying

-Don’t be cheep- eew!

-Don’t leave your drink unattended;unfortunately these days leaving your drink unattended can be dangerous.

-Don’t slurp, or play with your ice. Table manners count here too!

-Don’t bang on the bar; would you do that at your mother’s table.

-Don’t talk on your cell phone at the bar. Take it outside.

-Don’t get offended if you get carded – take it as a compliment darlings.

(it just means that all the alcohol you have been drinking is keeping you remarkably well preserved)

-Don’t beg for a drink after last call, it’s undignified and unfair to the bartender who deserves to go home after a long night of serving you. The bar can lose their license if they serve you after hours.

Don’t be loud, it’s rude.


For decades now, women have been permitted at bars, thanks to our modern standards of socialization, a woman alone at a bar no longer implies she is easy, so relax.

She might be there because she is meeting a friend, needed to get out of her apartment  or perhaps she just needs to unwind. So, if you are going to approach a woman at a bar be a gentleman on your best behavior.


I have had a long standing penchant for upscale hotel bars.  The decor, the level of service, the elaborate nut mix and soft background noise with the patrons that are themselves mixed nuts, both locally grown and imported, make for interesting people watching and occasionally a verbal exchange between people from different universes as apposed to on line “chat”.


Access to this kind of interaction does not require a computer, reservations or being on the velvet rope’s “list.” Just make yourself presentable, take your wallet and go explore any one of the cities’ wealth of watering holes. Take in another scene, have an expertly mixed cocktail, and open yourself up to the experience at one of the last places in our society where we can just meet and have a chat with some cheer.


Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day. We’re all Irish on the 17th apparently.

The Last 20 Lbs Part 5

The Muppet BandAids Band AidsAll great battles have their setbacks. The battle to lose my divorce weight is no different.

So far I had been averaging a loss of 2 lbs a week. I was excited to do a little kickboxing because A) It’s such a awesome total body workout, and B) I love throwing punches at my trainer Scott.

I was doing some strength training exercises, when Scott told me to jump up to the handle bars and do some pull ups (yes, I laughed too. I have no upper body strength). So I jumped up and… BAM! $!#%!! Banged my knee into a protruding piece of steel. The cut was not too bad, but the painful bruise to my knee cap had me seeing stars.



Scott administered first aid, with lots of ice, and said the good news was that giving my knee time to heal would finally force me to rest my shoulder.

A terrible pit fall, with so little time left to achieve my goal.  But I refuse to give in.