The Last 20 Lbs Part 8

The Last 20 Lbs Part 8

I’m 12 pounds lighter and feeling great. I’ve become girly again. Getting dressed has become fun again. The weight loss has impacted other areas of my life as well. I’ve become social again, feel like going to events, mingling and shaking hands with restored confidence and repaired self esteem. Great for my health, terrific for my looks, good for business. It’s win, win, win!

But life is never easy. The six weeks that Scott had agreed to train me for has come to an end, and as we know, talented people are always in demand.

I did not manage to lose 20lbs in six weeks, but in a manner slow, sane and steady, lost 12lbs without starving or stressing.

Although I’ll admit I’m a little anxious about how my progress will be now that I’m on my own. There is something about having someone to check in with for support, guidance and accountability that really helps in this process.

Tip: Share your goals with someone supportive and ask them if they would be willing to have you checking with them, or even better, find a someone in your life who would also like to lose some weight and do it together.

I intend to keep eating right, sprinkling SENSA and exercising until, I reach my weight and fitness goals. It’s important that fitness is part of your healthy lifestyle journey and not just a goal on your check list in order to have staying power.

Tip: Make small changes gradually so you can have the power to conquer one small, lasting change over time rather than a crash and burn quick fix.

Try to do whatever you can during the day to make the right choices. Even if you fail in one area, like not going to the gym because your work schedule does not permit, that does not mean that the whole day has to be a wash. Drink another glass of water, take the stairs, walk around the block fast on your break, do some abs before going to bed.
All the little things you do and positive choices you make consistently do add up.

Don’t stress, do your best!

The Last 20 Lbs Part 7

Life is a balancing act.  Sometimes our schedules, due to work and other outside forces disrupt our routine. For people trying to get back in shape, upheaval can mean that wieght and Fittness goals are not met for the week which can lead to frustration that can lead to disaster.  Don’t give up!

Last week, I was walking on air because I had hit the 11 pound marker. Then came two weeks of unending days, deadlines, production and meetings that resulted in no further weight loss for the week, and minimal exercise.  At least I didn’t gain any weight back.  Learning to maintain a weight is also an important skill to relearn.

To make matters worse, my schedule and Scott’s did not coordinate and I only managed to see him once this week.  However, as always I got a great workout that had all the muscles I clearly don’t use often begging for mercy.

Scott was very reassuring and supportive. It’s not the time to get frustriaghted and quit.  It’s the time to regroup and stay the course!

It’s taking longer than I thought it would but it is happening and I am looking and feeling better, so more of the same will be even more wonderful.

Scott is a great trainer, knowledgable, talented,  kind, and supportive.  I’m so lucky and grateful.  If you are trying to get in shape for swimsuit weather that is just around the corner, I highly recommend calling Scott at Emerge Athletics.  Tell him Sam sent you.