Lipstick Queen

The “Central Park” lipstick from “Lipstick Queen” has a beautiful color. This is a mix of coral and pink. The color is perfect for spring, summer for blonds year round, day or evening.

The “Upper East” lipstick from “Lipstick Queen” has a light color, like nude but with a little more “umph” which can be worn with anything. It is luminous quality so it is perfect for summer.

The texture is creamy yet semi matt and slides right on.

Gotham Our Dominatrix

She is tall, strong, sexy, and wise. She’s a little dangerous, a bit taboo, but she knows what I want better than anyone else. I can be myself with her, without auto censorship. When I whisper my deepest desires into the pillow at night, she listens. She tells me that it’s ok, to want what I want. It’s my dream and my dime. Then she dangles a carrot and takes me for all I’m worth… every day. I can’t get enough. Sometimes she throws me a bone, some sparkling feather of success to wear in my cap, some exquisite pleasure that makes me feel I’m on top of the world and I’d gladly sell my soul for more of where that came from. Sometimes she is withholding, a torture that brings me to my knees.

She is no street corner tramp. She is the Park Avenue penthouse dungeon variety.
The sign on her shingle is Lady Liberty herself. The two women are in cahoots, what pair of hustlers! One beckons you in and promises you the world, lighting the way with her torch. The other, once your inside breaks your balls, tests your limits, mentally, and physically. Then when you think you can’t take it anymore, she kisses you and gives you a little taste to keep you going.

She locks us up in tiny cages called apartments that we pay dearly for the privilege to live in and yet, we stay.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, simply contemplating why we live here.
We come here from everywhere, to work long hours and do whatever it takes to chase our dreams. Without that mind set, this is not the place for you. She is not for the faint of heart. Unless, you are already substantially well established or have the great luxury to just enjoy the city for all her charms.

I could choose another place, like Miami, with it’s night life and big fine art scene. I could live in a fabulous apartment near the beach for what I currently pay in rent. Warm weather, healthy life style, salsa dancing whenever I want. Yet, I stay. Because it’s New York or bust! Because my career depends on it. Make it here and the world is yours. But meanwhile, I’ll settle for just a whiff of her perfume, a glimpse of the sparkle in her eye when I look at her and she smiles at me. To bask in the afterglow of some small triumph. She makes me feel like the little engine that could. A sadistic game, where you both pretend you are significant. Pro that she is, even with 8 million other clients she has you believing you are special! Oh she knows how to push my buttons! The worst is when she brings you to prolonged multiple orgasms of success dressed in (insert your dream here) and then, just when you think your going to reach nirvana in a mind blowing state of bliss she says,”Times up!” “You bitch!” I swear, “You’re killing me! But I need her. So I hawk my soul to stay, hoping that this time, I can earn her affections enough to be rewarded with what I so desperately desire.

The Last 20 Lbs Part 9

It has been about a month since my last post.

The demands of our lives can sideswipe our best laid plans.  I step on the scale and I am ashamed, appalled and aggravated with myself.  Losing weight is a challenge.   It requires full time diligence.   That can be hard to do when you are trying to live a “balanced life”.

It is safe to say the result you yield is in direct proportion to the effort you put in.  I know, that is very frustrating.  I wish I could take off for a month to some secluded fat camp with a private trainer 4 hours a day, planned prepared meals and lots of support and no distractions, a la “The Biggest Loser”.  But life, with career, and social calander do not usually allow for such luxuries in our real life reality.

What is important is that we do not give up.  When we start to slip we must get back on track, not throw in the towel.  That is why I have signed up to take AM Fitness Groove (a 6:30 am bootcamp style workout) with trainer Ajia Max.

This is the second week of class and even though I have not yet lost any weight I certainly feel firmer!

A group class is a great, affordable way to be held accountable by others.

I am certainly the oldest most out of shape person in the class and my competitive nature and pride has me doing my very best.  So much so that last week I pushed my joints a little too hard and now have to modify parts of the workout for my injuries. (as we get older there are frequently more “dings” to work around.  This is the part that is most psychologically hard for me.   Decades ago, in my 20’s when I taught, choreographed and performed professionally as a dancer I was slim, toned and in general, made of steel.   Now at 40 there is wear and tear from past injuries and other factors like a slower metabolism, and the fact that  I no longer workout for a living to contend with.  Did I mention I am the oldest, slowest, most out of shape person in the class?   The important thing is too check your ego at the door and just keep going!

I have never been a morning person, but having to get up supper early for class has added a couple of hours to my day in which to be productive! An added bonus!