NY FASHION WEEK Fall 2013 – Image Gal Interview with Rocco!

Image Gal Samantha von Sperling interviews fellow image expert Rocco Gaglioti at the CONAIR STYLE360ʼs semi-annual New York Fashion Week showcase showing Fall/Winter 2013 Collections. Check out her exclusive interview below!

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IMAGE GAL’S Excellent Fashion Week Adventure – PHOTOS!


NY Fashion Week Fall 2013 was one excellent adventure for our Image Gal Samantha von Sperling, who weaved her way from the tents at Lincoln Center to Pier 59, and captured it all in photos!

The beginning of Fashion Week at Demeter custom fragrance event at the Duane Reade Look Boutique.

I’ve always wanted to hold an Oscar, from Oscar Roadtrip at Distrikt Hotel.

Backstage in the chaos at W Hotel Union Square with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics,Prive and KISS Nails.

Cool nails by KISS for NY Fashion Week!

With designer Mathieu Mirano at his show at Lincoln Center.

With Conair Style360 host Rocco at Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva show.

At Vantan Tokyo at the Stage at Lincoln Center.

The NOLCHA  clothes!

At Yotel for NOLCHA Fashion Week Closing Party with liquor rep and friend Steve Shaw Jr. in a private booth sponsored by Iceberg Vodka!

I sent my mom a Papyrus card from Lincoln Center to tell her I wish she could have been with me at the shows!

Until next season!
Image Gal

Barry Manilow By a Fanilow

The fun started in the lobby bar of the St. James Theatre, which featured fruity cocktails in adult sippy cups with fun names for the occasion. I got a a black T-shirt with diamond rhinestones that spell out Manilow. If you’re going to buy a Manilow T, it’s gotta have sparkle! Go all the way!

We had great seats in the center. I’m settling in, cracking my glow stick (passed out by the ushers) into action, when Joan Rivers, with about a five-person entourage, sauntered in. The tiny Joan, with perfectly coiffed immovable blond hair and a big white fur coat, was larger than life. As she sat down toward the front, I thought, “It’s too good! Barry and Joan in the same room! This is going to be a great show!”…and it was.

Not only can Barry write hit songs and sing them like no one else, but he’s funny, quick with a joke, including self-deprecating humor complete with “I’m old” quips. He’s a charming professional with perfect timing, musical and comedic. He knows just who he is and knows just how to sell it to us.

A gifted talent spanning multiple decades, this seemingly genuinely happy man from Brooklyn bestowed us with “I Made it Through the Rain” as tribute to our dealings with Sandy.

The concert was like participating in a romantic comedy sing along! His 50 Top-40 hits were all payed tribute to. “Somewhere Down the Road” was an unplanned request that Barry graciously accepted as he joked about remembering the words, and proceeded to bring the house down! Not a dry eye in the place. The whole collective experience was to laugh, cry, singalong and laugh some more! Barry was glorious in all his delicious crooniness!

We, the audience, gushed along to “Mandy,” swayed through “Can’t Live Without You,” gyrated through “Copacabana” and could not get enough of the big finale, “I Write the Songs.” Although Manilow did not come back for an encore, like a man who knows when to leave the party, he tied it up with a pretty bow and left us wanting more.

Travel Light

You’re sitting on top of your suitcase trying to shut it.  You’re checking your list, afraid you forgot something, wondering why three pairs of shoes and your toiletries take up so much space!  You’re using your bathroom scale to determine if you’re going to have to pay excess baggage fees, stand in an endless line at check-in and have to schlep your stuff, seemingly, through your whole trip.

Your baggage, whether hand held or emotional, should be light.  I have become a minimalist and I love it.  I have some more work to do, but my life is now almost light enough to walk away from anyone, any circumstance, go anywhere at a moments notice, with only hand luggage.

Unless you are an ancient Egyptian Pharoh, “It’s just stuff, you can’t take it with you.” This  is true about life, packing for commercial air travel and unnecessary people in your life who have not earned their weight, economically, emotionally or in time consumed.

The Bedouins consider houses tombs of the living and value their freedom above all. When you gain the ability to walk away at a moment’s notice from places, situations and people that do not contribute to your happiness, you become incredibly strong, powerful and free!

The festive lights of the winter solstice illuminate the darkness, often in contrast to our spirits, as we reflect on our lives during an often stressful holiday season.  What we love, what brings us joy or ignites our intellect, is often in stark contrast to what actually consumes us. Dispose of all the superfluous things and people in your life that weigh you down.

Lighten your load and see how good and clean you feel.  How much time, money and space might you gain?  The New Year gives us a clean slate and the hope of new possibilities.  But it doesn’t  happen all by itself.  We have to close doors for others to open.  Just like editing our closets, we have to get rid of old worn out things that no longer fit us, to make room in the wardrobe for fabulous new pieces that make us look and feel great.  Life is no different.  Everything else just takes up space and time collecting dust, suffocating us emotionally, physically, mentally, economically.

This year, whether packing for a trip, going through your contact files, closet or your thoughts, take what you need, keep only what you love, leave room for the lovely new things you will acquire along the way, and go!

Inglot Make-up for Valentine’s Day

Life is full of surprises! Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I got introduced to a magnificent cosmetic line created by chemist, Mr. Inglot. Their cosmetics come in their “Freedom System” magnetic packaging that allows you to build your own palettes!

I tried a a shadow duo in gold with a grayish platinum that looks gorgeous on any skin.

I’m also in love with two iridescent glosses, #544 and #546 that make your lips voluptuous and glossy. The iridescence shows of the contours of your lips when the light hits it.  Love it!

Chemical Peel with Dr Parikh at Tribeca Skin Centre

The only man who sees me with no make-up whatsoever, the one man who knows all this leopard’s spots, scars and fine lines, is Dr. Sherwin Parikh at Tribeca Skin Centre at 315 Church Street.

When I have a lot of back-to-back days in full hair and make-up, sometimes my skin can start to act a little out of control.  A facial can help, but it simply is not going to “re-set” my skin the way a peel does. Dr. Parikh is a fantastic dermatologist who understands the problems of hyper-pigmentation that can be especially challenging to darker skin tones with unruly complexions. He is also the hippest, kindest, most positive person anyone would want to meet.  Full of brilliance and warmth, you could just eat him with a spoon!

I always walk out of there glowing, looking slightly windblown, and whether we agree to set the peel to gentle or “A deep fry please!” that determines whether I’ll gently flake for a few days or start to peel like a snake on day two following.  I suggest the deep fry, followed by a mellow weekend of catching up with laundry, cleaning, reading and social networking.

The result, glowing clear skin that is brighter, firmer, smoother and more uniform. The two days of rest and putting ones’ life in order, also did some good, I’m sure!

Additionally, when a dermatologist tells me there is a product on the market they like, I listen and promptly purchase it!  In this case, it’s called M2 Mandelic Malic High Potency Skin Refinish.  It claims to do everything.  So potent, you can not use it for one week after a peel. I can’t wait!  I’ll keep you all posted!