Exclusive Interview with Tanay Jackson – VIDEO!

Here’s your Jackson family lesson of the day: Tanay Jackson, the niece of the lateMichael Jackson, is pursuing a music career!

Tanay, who began talking to her father, Michael’s older brother Tito, when she was in her teens, is following in the family business. Not only has she rerecorded the classic ’80s hit “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too!),” she’s working on a new single, “In the Spotlight” (seems like an appropriate title!)

Watch below as Image Gal Samantha von Sperling gets the exclusive scoop on Tanay’s career and her NY Fashion Week adventures!

NY FASHION WEEK Fall 2013 – Image Gal Interview with Rocco!

Image Gal Samantha von Sperling interviews fellow image expert Rocco Gaglioti at the CONAIR STYLE360ʼs semi-annual New York Fashion Week showcase showing Fall/Winter 2013 Collections. Check out her exclusive interview below!

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IMAGE GAL’S Excellent Fashion Week Adventure – PHOTOS!


NY Fashion Week Fall 2013 was one excellent adventure for our Image Gal Samantha von Sperling, who weaved her way from the tents at Lincoln Center to Pier 59, and captured it all in photos!

The beginning of Fashion Week at Demeter custom fragrance event at the Duane Reade Look Boutique.

I’ve always wanted to hold an Oscar, from Oscar Roadtrip at Distrikt Hotel.

Backstage in the chaos at W Hotel Union Square with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics,Prive and KISS Nails.

Cool nails by KISS for NY Fashion Week!

With designer Mathieu Mirano at his show at Lincoln Center.

With Conair Style360 host Rocco at Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva show.

At Vantan Tokyo at the Stage at Lincoln Center.

The NOLCHA  clothes!

At Yotel for NOLCHA Fashion Week Closing Party with liquor rep and friend Steve Shaw Jr. in a private booth sponsored by Iceberg Vodka!

I sent my mom a Papyrus card from Lincoln Center to tell her I wish she could have been with me at the shows!

Until next season!
Image Gal

Travel Light

You’re sitting on top of your suitcase trying to shut it.  You’re checking your list, afraid you forgot something, wondering why three pairs of shoes and your toiletries take up so much space!  You’re using your bathroom scale to determine if you’re going to have to pay excess baggage fees, stand in an endless line at check-in and have to schlep your stuff, seemingly, through your whole trip.

Your baggage, whether hand held or emotional, should be light.  I have become a minimalist and I love it.  I have some more work to do, but my life is now almost light enough to walk away from anyone, any circumstance, go anywhere at a moments notice, with only hand luggage.

Unless you are an ancient Egyptian Pharoh, “It’s just stuff, you can’t take it with you.” This  is true about life, packing for commercial air travel and unnecessary people in your life who have not earned their weight, economically, emotionally or in time consumed.

The Bedouins consider houses tombs of the living and value their freedom above all. When you gain the ability to walk away at a moment’s notice from places, situations and people that do not contribute to your happiness, you become incredibly strong, powerful and free!

The festive lights of the winter solstice illuminate the darkness, often in contrast to our spirits, as we reflect on our lives during an often stressful holiday season.  What we love, what brings us joy or ignites our intellect, is often in stark contrast to what actually consumes us. Dispose of all the superfluous things and people in your life that weigh you down.

Lighten your load and see how good and clean you feel.  How much time, money and space might you gain?  The New Year gives us a clean slate and the hope of new possibilities.  But it doesn’t  happen all by itself.  We have to close doors for others to open.  Just like editing our closets, we have to get rid of old worn out things that no longer fit us, to make room in the wardrobe for fabulous new pieces that make us look and feel great.  Life is no different.  Everything else just takes up space and time collecting dust, suffocating us emotionally, physically, mentally, economically.

This year, whether packing for a trip, going through your contact files, closet or your thoughts, take what you need, keep only what you love, leave room for the lovely new things you will acquire along the way, and go!

GAL APPROVED Weekend: NYC Christmas Dining, Pretty Writing Journals and Your Own DivaGal Makeup Artist NYC!

New York Central Restaurant

DINE. Cook on Christmas? Why not throw out conventionality this holiday and dine out on the big day? New York Central restaurant inside the Grand Hyatt hotel on 42nd St. is offering a Christmas and New Year’s Eve menu (with 6 pm and 9 pm seatings). The DivaGals dined there recently and enjoyed a wonderfully hearty meal of shrimp and grits (in NYC, no less!), salad, scallops, steak and an incredible apple pie dessert. The staff is warm and attentive – ask for the server who pours olive oil divinely – the food plentiful and the location, Grand Station central! Call to make your reservation now. New York Central, 109 East 42nd St., (646) 213-6865. See more pics of our fabulous meal on the DivaGals Facebook page.

STYLE. Why should your notebooks be drab? Atwww.Maybooks.com from May Designs, you can find notebooks and cards with covers that offer a punch of color and a pop of pizzazz. You can personalize your covers with monograms, and customize the inside for a book that’s uniquely you, for only $17!


CHEER. The DivaGals had a blast at the annual CBS Holiday party. We chatted with the ladies of The Talkand traded style secrets with Person of Interest‘sMichael Emerson! Look for our exclusive coverage next week!

GLAM. Our own Image Gal Samantha von Sperling is making a guest appearance as a key makeup artist for Guerlain, D&G and YSL at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. Stop by to meet our resident expert on making you look your best! See dates and times below.

Dec. 14: D&G 12:15 pm – 8:45 pm
Dec. 15: Guerlain 11 am – 7 pm
Dec.  16: YSL 12 pm – 8 pm
Dec.  19: YSL 12 pm – 8 pm
Dec.  21: D&G 12:30 pm -7 pm
Dec.  23: YSL12 pm – 8 pm
Dec.  24: D&G 9:30 am – 6 pm
Dec. 26: D&G 7:30 am – 4 pm
Dec.  27: D&G 11 am – 7:30 pm

photo credit: Grand Hyatt, Amanne Media Group

The Last 20Lbs – Back from the Dead

Last spring I started writing a chronicle called the “Last 20 Lbs.”  to encourage women to gain  self empowerment by losing weight and getting fit.  Candidly, with a send of humor, sharing my own struggle, through a weekly installment.   It was about taking off twenty pounds of post divorce weight, getting in shape for television and turning a triumphant new chapter in my life now that I’m over the age of 3o something.
The column ran a couple of months and I lost twelve pounds.  I then had a knee injury and a couple of surgeries which required putting the column on pause.  I am now healed up and ready to go again.
Everything was going well, SENSA was keeping me magic powder to sprinkle on my food, and I was training with Scott Bittermen from Emerge Athletics and taking an early morning AM Fittness Groove boot camp class with Ajia and doing a little jogging in between.

I lost 12 pounds, was nearing my goal and feeling good.

Then, a series of disasters happened, including a near death experience.  I injured my knees, really badly, it was actually a re-injury to both knees that were already fragile from ten years of dancing professionally.  As if that was not bad enough, I had an umbilical hernia from a past surgery which needed mending.  The Orthopedist told me to just give myself a rest and try to not do too much, not walk around too much.  Hard to do as a New Yorker on the go.  So I decided to have the surgery on my hernia while I was resting my knees so that everything could heal at once.  I gained all the weight back.  Not being a quitter, the very first day I was cleared for exercise, I went for a jog.

Ten minutes in, I felt a throbbing pain in my left arm. Not a sharp shooting pain, just a fatigued feeling , similar to after working out arms.  My heart was pounding in my throat.  I slowed down and it went away, so I figured it was just from being out of shape from two months of not exercising.

Two days later, I went to my dentist Dr. Goldberg and the palpitations started again.  I told him, he took a listen to my heart and said he could not hear anything wrong but he wanted me to see someone immediately.  That helped save my life.

To make a long story short, four doctors and five days later, (This says volumes about our health care system!) on my birthday, I was finally in for an angiogram.  My EKG, fitness level, young age and female gender had yielded results that were inconclusive.  Even Dr. Coppola at NYU, who I owe my life to, was pretty sure he was going to send me home with some Plavix and call it a day. He told me he was going to give me a local anesthesia and I could watch everything that was happening on the monitor.  “No way!” I exclaimed.  “Please, it’s my birthday, I’m frightened, squeamish and I don’t want to know a thing!  Please, tell your bartender to juice me up and put me out!” Thank G-d for that, because when I woke up Dr. Coppola said, “You had us all fooled.  Your heart is amazing.  Two of your arteries were completely blocked. You’ve been operating on 50% of your heart.  I had to put three stent in.”  Talk about a game changer!  So, for my birthday I received the gift of a new lease on life and hopefully another 40 years to do great things, with my newly detailed heart.  In my case, this was hereditary.  Even at a young age, size 6, strong, reasonably fit and female, heart problems can happen.

At first, I was simply grateful to be alive, but as the adrenaline and pain killers wore off, I just felt sad and mad.  Sad, that my heart is forever changed along with my whole life.  That from now on, I will bruise like a tomato from all the meds I have to now take, wondering if I’ll ever be able to wear a skirt or dress again without people asking me if i’m being abused.  I bruise so easily  now.  I feel like I look like a dalmatian.  Sad and mad over all the stress and challenges that have taken such a tole on me.  Mad and determined to put myself back together again.  I have things I want to do with my life and need feel and look good while doing them.

In my journey, I am being sponsored by different trainers, classes, supplements and healthy snack companies.
Current Sponsors:
Gennaro  Ferra, former Mr. Australia
AM fitness Groove with Ajia as a group  class
Escape Water
Ugi Fittness
I will start by taking a photo of me “before” and end with a number of pounds lost, and an “after” photo.
 So I’m back in the ring, getting back  in shape, down to fighting weight.  Fit, firm and fabulous. Nothing else will do.
To help me do this…
SENSA, I am going back to sprinkling!  Thank you SENSA!
Escape 9.2 alkaline water from A virgin source in the Caribbean.  Our bodies are mostly water, so obviously the better quality water you drink, the better quality your health will be.   Thank you Escape!
Ugi, which is a new piece of exercise equipment, nutrition plan, and video series allowing a person to get a full body workout without needing slots of space or fancy gym equipment.  Thank you Ugi!
Former Mr Australia, Gennaro Ferra, has offered some of his time to train me along with other fitness experts who are taking interest in my project and are getting ready to come on board.  Thank you Gennaro!
So far, after cutting out wheat, carbs, sugar getting on the elliptical, taking walks and drinking plenty of water I have already started to see a difference.  Three pounds in two weeks, without starving or living in the gym, just making small changes and easing back in to a steady exercise routine.

I will highlight my experience with each expert who steps in with their expertise, equipment, time, water, health food, supplement etc.  To all of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

This new reinstatement of “The Last 20 Lbs” is because I wanted to share with my readers my challenges, which hopefully are relatable.  The quest for health and fitness is on going, even when there are setbacks.  The healthier we are, the better our quality of life.  But the bottom line is you can’t quit.




We know that girls have a hard time parting with their long locks. But what happens when your man needs a major trim?

That was the case for Philip Garbarino. The author of The Devil Repents and A Bronx Tale star hadn’t cut his hair in years and was due for a new look. The DivaGals turned to New York City’s Eiji Salon for some serious hair-aphy.

Our Image Gal Samantha von Sperling had a consultation with salon owner Eiji, who explained to complement Philip’s naturally curly locks, it should be cut to a midneck length in layers so he could keep that just rolled out of bed look.

Philip didn’t cry, though we knew he was nervous. Master stylist Kenjiro was charged with the task, and he meticously cut Philip’s strands to perfection.

Samantha used Rusk WIRED Flexible Styling Crèmeto coax Philip’s natural waves into place… The final verdict? Fabulous! Let us know what you think, below!


photo credits: MC Deyte Productions, Jeffrey Neira

GAL APPROVED: Model Kitchen!


It’s DivaGals’ third and final installment of Model Kitchen!

Our first digital web series, shot in a $7.5 million dollar loft on Park Avenue in New York City, features our own Image Gal Samantha von Sperling and our special guest, model agency owner Karem Belalcazar (KB Models), as they whip up some incredible Colombian dishes.

Be sure to watch our two other episodes featuring Gossip Girl’Zuzanna Szadkowski and America’s Next Top Model alum Aminat Ayinde.

Want to know about about our location? Check out our exclusive video inside the amazing duplex!