Company History

NOTICE: This page is for historical purposes. Please contact Samantha directly at 646 644 4300.


Polished Social Image Consultants began many years ago while Samantha von Sperling was at a performance rehearsal. During that time, she realized she wanted to start a company that could offer services to others, which would provide them with the skills and enjoyment she found in the arts. Five years ago, Polished Social Image Consultants was incorporated in Boston.

Today, Polished Social Image Consultants is the Northeast’s only full scale image consulting firm that specializes in total image improvement by offering a cache of services in New York and Boston. We have a unique approach to lifestyle enhancement by combining classic know-how and modern perspective. The personal needs of our clients are met with sensitivity and an emphasis on individuality. We utilize our professional training and innovative techniques when consulting with clients in order to enhance the positive attributes that already exist within each individual. Our personalized approach ensures the utmost discretion and comfort, and focuses on making lasting lifestyle changes as opposed to quick fixes.

Giving you the results you are pleased with is very important to us. Imagine the fun we can have together, unleashing the real you! Our goal is to “Bring Out The Best In You“.