Your time spent with me gave me encouragement to believe deeply in my abilities.  I’ve also learned to remember that the small things I can do are greatly remembered! I can’t wait for our next session.

Nuala and Bill

Bill and I certainly had found the rhythm of love, but were without the rhythm of dance…until we met Samantha!! In less than six months, Bill and I became comfortable with the fox trot, waltz, and swing which was no small accomplishment in that we literally had no working knowledge of ballroom dancing.


Samantha’s teaching skills are excellent. She is patient, enthusiastic and an extremely easy person with whom to work. Samantha’s genuine love for her work expresses itself in the ways in which she encourages her students.


You exceeded my expectations at every step — from the obvious skill you exhibited in preparing potential outfits and throughout the day of personal shopping until you applied the final touches of makeup. Tab was blown away, which, I believe, is the true measure of your hard work. Forever we have an amazing story to tell about our engagement.


The make-up you introduced me to is nothing short of miraculous. I’ve been practicing its application and believe I’m beginning to gain some confidence with it. Your thoughtfulness in selecting products simple enough for me to master without sacrificing effectiveness is much appreciated.

Tatiana and Michael

There were a lot of positive comments made to us about our first dance. Our favorite is from the photographer who said it was one of the best first dances she’s seen.

Anne and Dan

She created a dance that was uniquely ours, that was memorable for ourselves and our guests. Everyone seemed surprised that we had the ability to dance like something they’d seen in black and white films.


About 2 years ago I started taking dance lessons with you… Last night, I’m excited to say, I taught the biginner Swing class at La Fete, at a semiformal swing dance with the White Heat Swing Orchestra at MIT. 


Patricia, Cities of America

Putting together an event such as the Cities Of America Pageant is something that requires hard work, dedication and a positive attitude, all of which you displayed throughout the entire week.  I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure and honor it was to have met and worked with you.

Noemie, The French Library, Boston, MA

Your presentation on la femme Francaise was absolutely delightful and added the perfect je ne sais quoi to the afternoon.  Furthermore, attendees loved the opportunity to learn more about the variety of services offered by Polished and receive expert advice on such wide ranges of issues.

Event Attendant, Fish & Richardson P.C.

The program addressed many subtleties that we are apt to either not be aware of at all or — if we are aware — are unsure of the proper and polite way to handle yourself … Sound advice on dressing like a professional, behavior at events, dealing with people, all presented in an entertaining comprehensible manner … The topic was covered fully, with great responses to questions … Practical advice I can use. 

Jacqueline A. Falla, Tappé Associates

We are proud to report that after just one hour of instruction we were able to put to use your suggestions and were awarded a project that we previously had believed to be out of our reach.

Kristin Lynch, O.S.A. Fordham University

Samantha’s teaching skills are excellent. She is patient, enthusiastic and an extremely easy person with whom to work. Samantha’s genuine love for her work expresses itself in the ways in which she encourages the students.

Young Leadership Division Raffle Cmte.

Thank you so much for the image consultation generously donated to the Young Leadership Division of Combined Jewish Philanthropies. We greatly appreciate your participation in this worthy effort.

Stacy C. Smith, Priscilla of Boston

All your hard work during Brides day was sincerely appreciated.

Partial Client List

Ands Corporation

Arnold Worldwide

Bank of America

Boston Young Professional Association

Cities of America

Fordham University, New York

Fish & Richardson P.C.

The French Library, Boston, MA

Hill & Knowlton

Japan Travel Bureau

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Priscilla of Boston

Tappé Associates, Boston, MA

Young Leadership Division