Makeup Kits

I’ve teamed up with the legendary Academy Award winning makeup artist Maurice Stein, creator of Cinema Secrets, to bring you my unique makeup kits.

Polished Face

As a celebrity image consultant, a makeup artist, and the founder of Polished Social Image Consultants, I’ve been answering the same question for 15 years:

“If you had to survive with only one cosmetic kit what would be inside?”

Thus, I bring you the Polished Face. This streamlined kit offers maximum versatility for on-the-go transformations, empowering you to go from morning to midnight. Take your look from natural to dramatic—always glamorous—with products formulated to keep up with your active lifestyle.


Polished Complexion

Polished Complexion is the prequel to the Polished Face. The products in this kit were formulated for the long hours and bright lights of movie sets and are the trade secret tools to a flawless makeup application. These products are used on some of the worlds most famous faces. The Polished Complexion kit makes your face look and feel fresh while requiring zero to minimal touch-ups. Enjoy!

— Samantha von Sperling