For 1.00 USD/min, you can enjoy the benefits of a real-time consultation with Samantha von Sperling from the comfort of your home.  This service is offered both over-the-phone or through video conferencing.  (Even if your computer or phone does not have a camera, you can still see Samantha as she communicates with you.  All you will need is a microphone (most computers have a tiny built-in mic) and a copy of the free video conferencing program Skype.) 

To book Samantha, fill out this PayPal form.  Include at least two possible times you’d like to have the appointment, your email address or phone number, and any other pertinent information.  You will be charged 1.00 USD, which covers both the virtual booking fee and the first minute of your session.  Please take care that you fill out both forms before clicking on the Pay Now button.