Polished Business™

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Career Concern Answers & Corporate Seminars

Need help with your resume and cover letter? Interview etiquette and outfit lack luster? Is your business going international? Polished Business™ is the answer to all of your career concerns. Polished Social Image Consultants’ new business services can prepare you for a multitude of situations. Polished Business™ will help you land your dream job by working with you on your resume and cover letter to ensure that you make a great first impression while preparing you physically and mentally for your interview. With mock interviews and shopping sessions Polished Business™ will help you put your best face forward.

Through Polished Business™ seminars you can enhance the lives and work of your employees. Polished Business™ offers companies the chance to improve the charisma of your business and employees. Seminar topics include how to make your client love you, how to give a memorable presentation and much more.

Quick Tips:

  • Your resume is what gets you an interview make sure it shows your skills and intelligence.
  • A great black business suite is a must have for men and women.
  • Always put your client first; offer a beverage and a comfortable seat.

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