Polished Image™

IMG_5570Unique to the world of luxury services Polished Social Image Consultants is on the forefront of the image consulting industry in New York and abroad. For over fifteen years Polished has offered a lavish menu of services to help clients refine their business skills, finesse their social grace, improve their etiquette, update their look, redecorate their home or plan a polished event. “I start by assessing a client’s lifestyle, profession, social calendar, perceived needs and desired outcome. I also look at how many clients carry themselves, their personal appearance and their comfort level in their own skin. Very often, there is dissonance between the person before me and the person they want to be. from this point we begin to polish,” says Samantha von Sperling, founder and director or Polished Social Image Consultants.

Polished has a unique approach to lifestyle enhancement by combining classic know-how and modern perspective. The personal and corporate needs of our clients are met with sensitivity and an emphasis of individuality. We utilize our professional training and innovative techniques when consulting with clients in order to enhance the positive attributes that already exist within each individual. Our personalized approach ensures the utmost discretion and comfort, and focuses on making lasting lifestyle changes as opposed to quick fixes; however fast and efficient emergency intervention is always an option for our clients who find themselves in a bind.