Polished Planning™

NOTICE: This page is for historical purposes. Please contact Samantha directly at 646 644 4300.


Polished Social Image Consultants can help you plan your next great event. Polished Planning™ will assist in all events from your social calendar to your wedding day or corporate event. Whether it’s an intimate evening for two or two hundred, a fabulous bridal shower, or a dinner party with your co-workers Polished Planning™ will help create the image and set the tone for the occasion.

Bachelors, let us help you plan a great 1st date or even a Polished Proposal™. Trying to impress your partner’s parents? Polished Social Image Consultants can help! Polished Planning™ is event planning on a whole new scale for every event under the sun.

Quick Tips:

  • Always start on time.
  • Plan ahead, leaving no detail unattended.
  • Always have enough seating to accommodate guests.
  • Personalized invitations give the event a significant quality.
  • Events that require seating arrangements should be planned with the care of a U.N. Summit meeting.

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