Wedding Dance Instruction

Why take dance lessons for your wedding

So you are getting married, and if you are like most couples, you will organize everything for your wedding and then realize eight weeks away from the big day that you have a first dance together. But, you do not have an appropriate song, you do not know how to dance together and you did not think to factor dance lessons into your budget. So you say to yourself, “We’ll just wing it!” Big mistake! You missed the whole point.

Consider the benefits: a lifetime of dance

Your first dance together as husband and wife is one of the highlights of a wedding and a symbol of your union and your relationship. Your first dance should be the first of many happy memories dancing together. Some fortunate couples even discover that dancing becomes a life-long hobby that you share. Imagine the two of you thirty years from now getting dressed up to go out and socialize. Get some exercise have some laughs and continue the romance.

The gift: Actions speak louder than words

Learning to dance is fun and can offer a great time together amidst the often hectic wedding preparations. Adding dance lessons to your gift registry is also a wonderful way for your loved ones to give you a meaningful gift that will get a life time of use. Much more romantic than a blender!

An Image Consultant for A Wedding Day?

Introducing Polished Social Image Consultants, the premier image consulting firm headquartered in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York. One of our specialties is wedding preparation, specifically dance instruction and makeup services. Polished Social Image Consultants also has many local resources available to fulfill other necessities for a wedding day. These, among others, include super-talented hairdressers, photographers, DJs and videographers. We invite you to telephone Samantha von Sperling, Director of Polished Social Image Consultants, at (646) 644-4300. Samantha will be able to help you further with pricing information, service offerings, and general information on Polished’s services.

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