Polished Etiquette™

Polished will make you feel at ease in any social situation. Etiquette is more than just saying, “Please” or “Thank you,” and more important than what knife and fork to use. Polished will coach you in the different codes of etiquette in dining, business, gift giving, dating, Netiquette and intentional business.

Etiquette Coaching

Avoid a Fork Faux-Pas with private etiquette lessons

Etiquette is more than saying “Please” and “Thank you,” and more important than (read more…)

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Get answers to questions about wedding guest etiquette.

Erin Hagedorn of the Improper Bostonian asked me to answer a few questions about wedding guest etiquette for an article in her magazine. She did use some of the answers, but I thought it useful to provide all of them to you for reference (read more…)

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