Etiquette Coaching

Etiquette: Not just for snobs and elitists

Avoid a Fork Faux-Pas with private etiquette lessons. Etiquette is more than saying “Please” and “Thank you,” and more important than what knife and fork to use. Etiquette is about treating other people with the same respect you would like to be treated with.

Etiquette this, Etiquette that.

There are many different codes of etiquette: dining, business, gift-giving, dating, internet etiquette and international business etiquette. There are different types of protocol, not only for business but for events like funerals, birthdays and weddings.

Travel and Date without worrying

There are plenty of reasons to embark on the self improvement that comes with this kind of polish. Understanding good etiquette can put you at ease in the most unfamiliar settings. It can help you concentrate on a business trip because you do not have to worry if you are offending anyone. It can even give you a winning edge with your ability to interact with people. Nothing impresses a woman like a real gentleman; nothing impresses a man like an elegant lady! 

Etiquette 101

So if impeccable manners for all situations was not something you learned in school or from your parents, don’t worry your secret is safe with us. All consultations and coaching provided by Polished Social Image Consultants are done one-on-one, in absolute privacy.

What do we do?

At Polished Social Image Consultants, we specialize in all things social. We will help you feel comfortable in any social, dinning or business setting. Familiarizing you with customs, table etiquette and dance etiquette, we cater to the special needs of those occasions. Learning how to be courteous, charming and inoffensive in any situation, we will increase your cultural awareness, and teach you how to enhance your own personal charm.