Polished Face™ – Image Consulting

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Image Consulting

Your image is Key!

How you feel about yourself significantly affects the way you relate to others, and how others perceive you. Happiness with your image is a big factor in self-esteem. Having the right wardrobe and grooming or makeup for any situation, especially interviews and presentations, is of crucial importance to your image. Your image gives you leverage. The first messages you send about yourself to others is in how you appear visually. First impressions of you are drawn from your outward appearance, one of the essential components to your image.

Communication is not just a Word

The way you dress is part of non-verbal communication. How you communicate sends verbal messages to others about who you are, your background, and even your level of education. Even the words you choose can work for or against you, especially when you are trying to sell something, be it an idea a product or even yourself.

Your social image affects your professional and personal life.