Polished Home™

Polished Home ™ Service for Manhattan, New York, and Boston

Home should be a comforting place where you can relax. It is an extension of your personality and expression of your tastes and preferences. Most importantly, it should be a welcoming retreat that is well-suited to your lifestyle.

Polished Home™ provides clients with a home decorator who will help you change, update, or just refresh the look and feel of your room, apartment, or entire home to best suit your lifestyle and personality. The Polished Social Image Consultants Team will work with your budget and your favorite home assets like rugs, pieces of furniture, artwork and accessories to create a fresh environment that is both pleasing and practical for you.

Whether it is your Manhattan Loft, Back Bay Townhouse or Suburban Home, let Polished Home™ bring style and comfort to your home as well as your life.

Quick Tips:

Fresh cut flowers and candles make for an inexpensive yet elegant look.

Each room deserves a signature item and texture.

Color has power! Utilizing favorite colors can infuse energy into your surroundings.

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