Polished Shopping™

Polished Social image Consultants understands your image goals, your needs and your budget. At Polished we know the stores and what they carry. We have excellent relationships with vendors and designers, and you will be treated like a star on your shopping trip. We will have things already selected for you to try upon arriving at the stores and will do the running around to find your style in your size. We do not work on sales commission and therefore can be perfectly honest with you when selecting articles of clothing. We can help you find gifts for other people and can shop for you when you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Personal Shopping

Have your Image Consultant shop for you

Why should you hire a personal shopper? An expert personal shopper understands your image goals, your needs and your budget (read more…)

Wardrobe Consultation

Style Development and Wardrobe Organization

Each of us has our own unique style. Perhaps you have yet to discover yours (read more…)