Wardrobe Consultation Services

Each of us has our own unique style.

Perhaps you have yet to discover yours. Samantha von Sperling can assist you in finding your signature style. Samantha will go through your closet with you to decipher what should stay and what must go. We can organize your wardrobe so you can easily create different looks and outfits that represent you. Learn how to maximize closet space and arrange your closet for maximum fashion permutations.

Discover Yourself

Discover your signature style. Which colors, cuts, and accessories best showcase your lifestyle and your figure. Learn how to go through your closet bi-annually to assess what is missing, what to toss away, donate, and what needs just a slight alteration.

Overwhelming Wardrobe

There are many reasons to have a wardrobe consultation. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed about what to pack on a trip or you have a big night out and don’t know what to wear. Samantha will help you pick out outfits and clothing appropriate for any occasion you will be attending.