Wedding Hairstyling Services

Why should you have your hair done for your wedding?

After all, you do it yourself every other day, right? Well, this is not just any other day! Therefore you should look, feel, and be treated like a queen throughout the entire event. Your wedding is one day; your wedding photos are forever. To help ensure you look your best in your wedding photos, eliminate the possibility of a bad-hair day and have a professional take care of you.

Choosing Your Wedding Day Hair Stylist:

  • A good hairstylist takes into account how a particular hair style will go with your individual facial features as well as what time of the day or evening your ceremony is going to take place to create a style that is just right for the occasion.
  • A great hairstylist will do the same but will make you feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time.
  • An excellent hair stylist will take your personal style into account and create a look that blends your style with the atmosphere of the event flawlessly.

Polished At Your Service

At Polished Social Image Consultants, hair services are provided for special occasions. Our clients are given top hair advice from leading hair stylists in their area. We understand the importance of an amazing haircut at Polished, which is why we leave our clients in extremely gifted hands.

An Image Consultant for A Wedding Day?

Introducing Polished Social Image Consultants, the premier image consulting firm headquartered in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York. One of our specialties is wedding preparation, specifically dance instruction and makeup services. Polished Social Image Consultants also has many local resources available to fulfill other necessities for a wedding day. These, among others, include super-talented hairdressers, photographers, DJs and videographers. We invite you to telephone Samantha von Sperling, Director of Polished Social Image Consultants, at (646) 644-4300. Samantha will be able to help you further with pricing information, service offerings, and general information on Polished’s services.

Happy Wedding, 

Samantha von Sperling.

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