The 2014 NYC Cannabis Parade

Samantha Von Sperling and friends

An eclectic mix of do-gooders, leftover hippies, wannabe hippies, and pro-pot suits. There’s both politicians and musicians. Performers included Ishmael Levi, Pawz One, Immortal Technique, Mr. Cream, Redman and many others.

The legalization of marijuana both for medical and recreational use, a fight very similar to prohibition, is a hot topic in the nation. This 45-year-old parade that was started in New York City, is still going strong and is gaining support as our nation’s position on pot shifts.
This was a surprisingly well-organized and peaceful protest. I was amazed that despite the amount of cannabis being combusted in a relatively small gathering surrounded by policemen,  there was not one arrest. Perhaps New York’s Finest’s willingness to turn a blind eye to the peaceful protestors is a sign that they too feel they have more important battles to fight.
The 2014 NYC Cannabis Parade
Sponsored by The Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp –
And by The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation

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